First Day Step-by-Step Job Aid

The Deliverable

This branching job aid assists online teachers during their first few days of classes.

Responsibilities: Instructional design, eLearning development
Tools used: Canva, Microsoft PowerPoint

The Situation

Online English teachers needed some additional support as they transitioned from their initial training to giving live classes. While there was existing chat support, the tight schedule meant that answers needed to be received as soon as possible. It was also important that teachers were able to give the best classes they could for both teacher and student satisfaction.

The job aid needed to be available offline in case teachers became disconnected from the internet. The information needed to be clear, succinct, and immediately useful.

The Process

After completing an assessment of the situation, I documented the steps that a teacher would need to take over the course of the shift in a flow chart. The included information also included the most frequently asked questions and problems that were handled by the support team.

From that, I created a PowerPoint that walked through the process with clear step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips. I also took screenshots of programs and web pages that teachers would typically access to provide visual references. The job aid was tested across several groups, and their feedback was incorporated into a final version.

The Results

The final job aid was delivered to new teachers with other first-day resources and was adopted brand-wide. The material helped measurably increase the quality of classes delivered by new teachers while reducing support desk requests.